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Organizing a Small Closet

Written by: sheTeen, Isabella

If you are anything like me, you understand the struggle of having a small closet. Especially now, entering high school, I feel like I have WAYYY too many clothes! I often find myself wasting time just searching through my clothes because I can’t find a shirt that I swore I had hung up.

The only problem is, I can’t stand to get rid of anything! I mean, I might need it later! Anyone else have that problem?

So, here are a few tips to handle your messy closets, easily find your hung-up clothes and even purge a few items to get some more space!


Color Coordinate

This is super helpful for rushed mornings before school, so you can easily find any shirt of the color that you want to wear, it also just makes your closet look nicer!


Change Out Your Hangers

One of my biggest pet peeves is when part of my shirt falls off the hanger. It literally drives me crazy! I decided to use only use the same big hangers for all my clothes. You can buy a brand new pack, or you can just use some you find around the house. When I did this, I realized I was still using little kid hangers, and that was a big reason for why my clothes were on the floor.

P.S. If your clothes are still falling off of your hangers, try using velvet hangers. If you don’t want to make a purchase you can put rubber bands near the edge of the hanger to stop the clothes from falling off.


Get Rid Of Clothes

I know it’s awful but sometimes, it’s necessary! Go through all your clothes, and ask yourself these questions: Am I still this size/does this fit me anymore? Have I worn this in a while or do I plan on wearing this in the near future or next season? And why am I still holding on to this shirt? I always ask myself these questions, and it really helps me see that I need to get rid of a lot of my clothes. Donate what you don't wear anymore! A win-win.

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