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Stroke Survivors: Four KC Teenagers

Written by: Jenny and Brooke with DeEtta Bohling with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

We are so pleased to partner with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. Did you know (because we didn't) that every 40 seconds, someone in America has a stroke? On average, every four minutes, an American dies from a stroke. That is startling.

We want to bring awareness by sharing amazing survivor stories, like this one, from time to time here on

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Four Kansas City Area Stroke Survivors Graduated High School

 Photo courtesy of Dugout Productions

Photo courtesy of Dugout Productions

For Abby Anderson, Molly Ogden, Madeline Mudd, and Blake Ephraim, high school wasn't easy. Beyond the typical struggles of being a teenager, each of these girls are also stroke survivors. At times it was a tough road filled with sadness and loneliness, as it can be very challenging going back to school and recovering from a stroke. However, the four girls have built relationships with each other, overcome obstacles and have made it their mission to educate others and bring awareness to the signs and symptoms of stroke. In May 2015, each of the girls graduated from their respected high schools on time. 

ABBY ANDERSON (Olathe North High School)

In October of 2011, Abby Anderson was just nine weeks into her freshman year at Olathe North, when she collapsed in gym class. Her stroke was caused by a dissection of the carotid artery. She spent several weeks in the ICU and continues her physical therapy today. Abby has incredible smile and loves working with children.

MOLLY OGDEN (Baldwin City High School)

Molly suffered a massive stoke in November 2012, her sophomore year in high school. Several weeks later, it was discovered she had a blood clot that developed from a dissected carotid artery after a fall in a powder puff football game the day before her stroke. She is a beautiful soul, who despite a left-side deficit and aphasia, is determined to be successful in life. Molly, along with the other girls, has made it her mission to educate others about stroke.

MADELINE MUDD (Park Hill High School)
Madeline Mudd had just finished practicing with her synchronized skating team the summer of 2013, when everything she knew and loved changed forever. Without warning, she collapsed on the ice. A blood vessel in her brain had ruptured causing a stroke. Despite weeks in ICU and rehabilitation, she returned to the ice to skate with her team.

BLAKE EPHRAIM (Olathe South High School)

Blake Ephraim, a competitive cheerleader at Olathe South, loved the opportunities cheerleading provided. November 2013, after cheering, Blake experienced severe head pain. Sunday morning, the KU doctors shared she had suffered a massive stroke. She was admitted to Pittsburg State, where she plans to get her nursing degree and someday work as NEURO ICU nurse. Blake is still recovering from her stroke.

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