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she3: The perfect vaca length, wise words from Carrie Underwood + going to grandmas in the craziest way.

Written by: Jenny

1. If your summer vacation left you feeling a little unsatisfied this year, keep this in mind for next time. According to a new study, the key to a perfect vacation is making it EIGHT days long. Any less, you won't full disconnect and unwind. Any more, the mental health benefits start decreasing. Now we know.

2. I've always loved Carrie Underwood. She just seems 'real'. She's offering some good advice to girls who play sports and get overwhelmed and frustrated. Here's her message.

3. I could see my children at least contemplating this idea. They love going to their Nonnie + Poppy's house (and Bubby's too, but it would require a trip to the airport)! Check out what this five and three year old did... just to get to grandmas! Thankfully no one was hurt!!! Click here.


she3: Words you may be pronouncing incorrectly, awkward social situations + burgers.

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