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Relationships: Embracing your power having a healthy relationship with money!

Written by: Brooke

Every time I'm around Jodie I always feel like there's never enough time. What does that mean?! It means when I'm around her I want to talk to her for hours, spill all my thoughts, my concerns, my fears, my happiness...spill it ALL! She has a no BS approach and I love it because I'm the type of person who can appreciate that. 

We got personal the other day about money. For some reason talking about money makes me very uncomfortable and I kind of shut down. Jodie made the conversation so easy. We talked at great length about it, and I took away a lot from our chat (as I always do), but one thing stuck out to me the most. I need to embrace money and have a full understanding of my relationship with money.

She started a seven-day challenge, I stood up to the plate and have been on that journey this past week. What I found is I that I need to be more conscious when I'm spending, and own my dreams and desires around money and what it can provide. There's NO shame in wanting to be successful and there's no shame in being a women making her own money. 

"After coaching both men and women over the past several years I have learned that everything comes down to one thing, WOMEN owning their personal power. It doesn’t matter if you have relationship issues, money issues or health issues. Anything not optimal in these three areas is a power problem that comes down to an internal conflict of interest and nothing else. When women do not rise into the power they’ve been born to unleash, everyone suffers."

She is doing a three-day retreat in Kansas City, November 12th-14th at Hotel Sorella. The retreat will teach you skills and give you tools for you as a women to live the ultimate life as YOURSELF! All of the details and links are below. I'm going! I would love for you to join me!

"Women have been programmed with lies that tell us we are supposed to sacrifice personal and financial freedom in order to be “good” women. The “American dream” lifestyle has been engrained in our minds—go to college, get a great job, marry the man, get the white picket fence, have happy, healthy babies…then, it gets a little torn with two seemingly opposing options of building your career to show contribution and independence or staying at home with the kids and be the good “homemaker”. -Jodie

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