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she3: Words you may be pronouncing incorrectly, awkward social situations + burgers.

Written by: Jenny

1. So, do you mispronounce these words? Coupon (it's not Q-pon)! Mischievous, reservoir, prerogative and espresso are the top words we most often mispronounce, according to You can go to their site to learn the correct pronunciations (if you're interested!)

2. Socially awkward? It happens to all of us from time to time! Check out this new study -- the most awkward social situations. The average person deals with 84 awkward social situations a year!

3. Love burgers? Me too. Here's how you supposedly build the PERFECT burger!

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she3: The perfect vaca length, wise words from Carrie Underwood + going to grandmas in the craziest way.