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she3: The right age for kids to..., ever regret what you named your kid? + a crazy new breakfast trend.

Written by: Jenny

1. I've wondered about some of this! What's the right age for your kid to... get an allowance? Go on a sleepover? Get a cell phone? Check out this new survey. See if you agree! Definitely something to think about.

2. Have you ever regretted what you named your child? 18% of parents say they do! I've never felt that way, personally. Good grief, we spent enough time making sure we picked the right name before they were born! But, if you have ever felt that way - you're not alone! The top reason is that the name was too trendy, so too many other kids have it.

3. Wanna make that bowl of cereal you're eating for breakfast even more nutritious? Well, then just toss in some broccoli! Um, WHAT? A new breakfast trend in Australia is making its way to the US. People are adding veggies to their cereal. I'm gonna pass on that one.



she3: Dog people are loyal, a super strong coffee + does Facebook make you happy?

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