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Upscale-Resale Website for Kid's Clothes: Duds Because

Written by: Brooke with owner Ashley Moyer

I have two small kiddos and frequently shop resale for them. I met with Ashley, the owner of Duds Because and immediately connected. We both agree - how great to be able to shop 'upscale-resale' online for your little ones?!

And, not only are you getting 'duds' for your babies, but you're helping a great cause as well.

Here's what it's all about.

Duds Because ( is an online, ‘upscale-resale’ clothing boutique for children. Duds sells gently used, premium-brand children's clothing for a fraction of the retail cost. Duds also provides a platform for monetizing the items that parents would normally give away. 

A motivating factor for launching Duds was to create a vehicle for giving back. Duds donates a significant portion of its profits to the children’s programs with Feeding America and Harvesters-The Community Food Network because Ashley wants to improve the lives of as many children as possible, especially as it relates to basic life necessities like food. By virtue of doing business with Duds, customers give back!

How awesome is that?

The Story of Duds in Ashley's own words:

As a career woman, wife and a mother of two, time is a luxury to me. My young daughters are the pleasures of my life. Watching my daughters rapidly outgrow their adorable premium branded clothing is not such a pleasure! I needed an efficient and effective way to buy quality clothing at a deep discount. I also wanted to sell their clothes no longer in use while avoiding the hassle of consignment or leaving the house.

Then I had what Oprah calls an ‘Aha!’ moment. I took off on a mission, propped it up with passion and a lot of homework -- and VOILA! I give you Duds Because, a unique platform for parents to save and earn money by purchasing and selling like-new kid's clothing from the comfort of home.

Prior to forming Duds Because, I spent twelve years in corporate America in business development and management roles. I know what it’s like to work hard for your money and to feel proud when spending it on loved ones. I created Duds Because as a place where families can find a great deal, get excited about their purchases and feel satisfaction by earning money back on their items.



Ashley Moyer - Founder Owner

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