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she3: A crazy story about a teen desperate to get out of taking a test, a teen more concerned about her mugshot than her crime + Mel C speaks out about a Spice Girls reunion.

Written by: Jenny

1. Whoa. This is a pretty crazy story about a 17-year old who was so worried about a test he had to take... he did THIS to try to get out of it. He's facing up to three years in jail!

2. Ok. This selfie thing is getting a little outta control. Another story about a teenager... check out what an 18-year-old recently had the guts to ask police when she got a glimpse of her mugshot on Facebook...

3. Have you been dreaming of a COMPLETE Spice Girls reunion? A few of the girls have gotten together for a little tour. But, find out why Mel C says she'll never do it.


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