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Life Happens.

Written by: Brian Matthys DO, Medical Director, Sunflower Dermatology & Medical Day Spa

Greetings! I hope your summer has been fantastic!

Here's a true story that applies to all of us.

My wife's sister and husband recently bought a pet for their two young daughters. Now, when we think of pets, we think of dogs or cats, right? Well, they think of more unique opportunities.

They bought their daughters a talking parakeet named 'Lemonade'.

This sounds a bit different than what I'm used to, but my mom had a bird named 'JoJo' as a child, so I guess anything is possible.

The bird is yellow and green and knows many, MANY words. To my knowledge -- no 'bad' words.

Their young daughters are always excited about spending time with their new pet bird. They hold the bird. Stroke its feathers. They even FaceTime with the bird. The bird is clearly a part of the family.

They also have another pet, Lois -- a cat, which they have had for many years. Lois is loved and gets all of the attention a pet would want or deserve.

So, you may be wondering -- how can a cat and a bird live together simply and peacefully?! Which one do the kids and parents focus upon? Well... GOOD question!

The cat gets to roam around the house while the bird lives in a cage in their dining room.

One evening after dinner... life happened.

The family returned home and found that Lois had made her way into Lemonade's cage and well... Lois 1, Lemonade 0. From what I was told, it was not a pretty site. I believe the words 'crime scene' may have been uttered.

And so by now, you may be asking... WHY this story?!

We encourage our patients to live an SPF (Simplify, Peaceful, Focus) life. This story illustrates the storms in life that we all face (and sometimes create).

If you are in a positive season of your life? GREAT. But, no matter how much money we have or what our job is, life can be tough. Hopefully none of us will be eaten by a bigger animal, but sometimes it feels like that.

Sometimes, life happens outside of the 'Simplify, Peaceful, Focus' model. It has happened to me. But, if we work on this new SPF, we can limit some of the opportunities for life to happen.

So, use your SPF for better skin for a better life... and use your 'Simplify, Peaceful, Focus' for a better life overall.


Brian Matthys DO

Medical Director

Sunflower Dermatology & Medical Day Spa


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