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Dealing with Naturally Curly Hair!

Written by: sheTEEN, Chloe

If you have naturally curly hair, you know that it can be awesome... or, it can stink. For me, most of the time I hate it.

There are so many more cons than pros, at least in my case. My least favorite thing about it is when well-meaning people say, 'I wish I had your hair!'. But the truth is? No, you don't.

There are so many things that people with straight hair don't understand when they say things like that.

For example -- the morning craziness! The frizz. The amount of work it takes to make it look good. The front straight pieces when the rest is curly. Gotta shower at least once a day to get it to look right. I could go on.

My FAVORITE thing about having curly hair is that I don't have to blow dry it. That seriously saves so much time! I also enjoy that it takes no more than five minutes to do my hair, it doesn't get greasy and putting it up in a bun is super easy (the bun stays in nicely with all of that texture!) It can look pretty in a ponytail. It just takes a little extra work.

So, clearly, I'm not a fan of having naturally curly hair! But, I am learning to accept it.

If you're dealing with it too, know that you are not alone!!


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