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Books: Jenny's Latest Recommendation

Written by: Jenny

I'm a lover of memoirs and autobiographies. I have read so, so many. I'll read about any subject and about any person! I just love 'true life' accounts.

My Kindle knows me well, at this point. So, the books it recommends to me are almost always non-fiction.

'Straight Pepper Diet: A Memoir" by Joseph W. Naus came up. Ok, sure. I bought it. Not having the slightest clue what it was about.

OH. MY. WORD. I could NOT put this book down.

I don't want to give away too much because that was half the fun -- not knowing where his story was headed. But, I will tell you it's about addiction. Content and language -- not for everybody! But, I do highly recommend this book.

I think the subject of addiction is so compelling to me because my brother passed away a couple of years ago from a drug and alcohol overdose. He struggled with addiction for almost all of his life. He was just three years older than me.

I guess a part of me wishes I had understood it a little more? I always had compassion for what he struggled with. But, sometimes I just felt like he should have been able to have the will-power to just STOP, when it just doesn't work like that.

This book gave me new perspective.

So, read on! It's a good one.



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