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Health + Beauty: Taking Better Care of Your Skin in 2017

Written by: Jenny

My mother was right about so many things. Growing up, she told me to take good care of my skin. Of course, because she definitely didn't know what she was talking about and I knew everything (can you sense my sarcasm)... I didn't listen. 

I spent hours literally baking in the sun, frying my skin (because that was sure to turn into a glorious tan, right?!) I wore make-up to bed. I used whatever products were sitting around to clean my skin. Bottom line = I could kick myself now.

Flash forward to a few years ago... my father was diagnosed with Melanoma. Scared me to death. Obviously, I had heard about skin cancer -- but that hit too close to home. It was home. My dad had to go through several surgeries and thank God, he's fine.

Anyway, all of that really gave me the push I needed to start getting serious about my own skin. I started getting yearly skin checks at a dermatologist's office and I ended up having several suspicious pre-cancerous moles removed from my body. 

Last year, I started going to Sunflower Dermatology for Botox (which is life-changing, by the way) and quite honestly, I just fell in love with the entire office. Dr. Matthys is so great and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend him if you're thinking about Botox. I've done it twice now and I have loved my results both times. 

I decided to transfer to Sunflower for everything. I just had my yearly skin check with Dr. Matthys' wife, Dr. Menser! So, I thought I loved him? Um, SHE is equally as fantastic. They are both so kind and so genuinely care about their patients.

While I was there, I told her that I was just really unhappy with the texture of my skin. I was using a particular line of facial cleansers and moisturizers -- which worked well for a time! But, I felt like I just wasn't getting great results and at 41, I needed to get serious about anti-aging and trying to hold on to skin elasticity for as long as possible!

She recommended some products and advised me to buy a Clarisonic. I know, I know... it's been around for a while -- I feel way late to the party. Honestly? I wasn't sure if it was worth it -- would it really make a difference?? Well, I've been using it for a few weeks. I have one word to describe this item. AMAZING. I absolutely can't believe the difference it's made in my skin texture. I GLOW!!! My make-up goes on smoother. I never thought I'd say THIS -- I actually like the way my skin looks without any make-up now. For real. 

You can use the Clarisonic twice a day, but I only use it in the evening and then I put my fabulous products on my super clean face. I feel like all night as I sleep, they're working their magic on my skin!

So, if you've been neglecting your skin, I encourage you this new year to call Sunflower Dermatology for an appointment. I HIGHLY recommend!! Such a clean, modern, beautiful office. They're passionate about healthy skin -- better skin for a better life!

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