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Fashion: Three Trends for 2017

Written by: Brooke

I LOVE clothes and fashion! My favorite hobby = shopping. I always love to find out what's trending for a new year and season. This year I'm loving what's in style:

PINK, PINK AND MORE PINK! That is the color for 2017... it is the new black. And I love it! I mean who doesn't love pink?!

STRIPES: All things stripes! Stripes galore. I feel there are so many cute options with stripes and if worn properly, stripes can be very slimming! I always pair stripes with a solid color. You can also have a cute striped top and put it with a colored jean. So cute!

STATEMENT EARRINGS: The bigger the better. Hoop, dangles, bright beautiful colors, you name it. If it's a 'statement'... they're in!!





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