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she3: My favorite kitchen item, the cutest cup ever + Nintendo Classic.

Written by: Jenny

1. Favorite item in my kitchen. My mom bought this for me about a year ago and I use it every single morning for my daily cup of green tea. Boils water super fast. I'm so tempted to buy one for the studio so I can make hot tea during my show! 

2. So, after i use my Breville, I promptly pour it into my other favorite item currently in my kitchen... THIS adorable cup from KC Tee! Keeps my tea hot for a long time AND the cuteness of the cup just makes my day brighter.

3. I am OBSESSED with my NES Classic!!! I'm well on my way to saving the princess (again. 20 years later.) This was all I wanted for Christmas and unfortunately, Santa didn't come through. Major shortage. So, last weekend, I just randomly popped into a 'Vintage Stock' to see if they had one (long shot). THEY. DID. Granted, it was more than double the original selling price. But, the nostalgic teenager in me didn't even care! I bought that thing and ran out of the store skipping and smiling! Cold weather activities are hard to find. I found mine. HA! My kids are totally into it too. If you can get your hands on one, it's worth every penny and then some. Do it!!!

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