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Health: Making Ourselves a Priority in 2017

Written by: Brooke


Our theme for the month of January is 'New Year, New You'! We don't just want to improve in one area, we're all or nothing! We decided to partner with a few local experts to help us be the overall BEST we can be this year!

FitWear Boutique was started by Gretchen McGraw, a sweet friend of mine who is always on trend and knows how to put things together so effortlessly. She started FitWear with the vision of transitional pieces to take you from working out to going out. The clothing she carries bridges the gap -- make life easy wherever the day takes you! 

What I love about her clothing is that it's cute and trendy, but it's also SO comfy! You can take a yoga class and have great movement with style. She also carries super cute swimsuits, bags, and an all-natural skincare line called, Herbivore. She has two locations -- one located inside FitForm Pilates and the other in Threshing Bee, a collection of boutiques. You can also check out the lines she carries in her boutiques online at!

The Boutiques at Threshing Bee Prairiefire

2nd Floor above Paradise Diner

5501 W. 135th Street #2320

Overland Park, KS 66223

I love juice. So many health benefits. Sometimes, it's hard to get in all of the daily recommended fruits and veggies... but it's easy with Ruby Jeans Juicery! Here are all the benefits from juicing -- and, guess what? At Ruby Jeans Juicery it all tastes SO good. 

Ruby Jeans was founded by Chris Goode on his passion for health and wanting to spread that message across Kansas City. He has created a culture at Ruby Jeans where everyone is welcome. He wants to educate about being healthy. He's also passionate about his hometown, Kansas City, and is always out and about in the community. 

4001 Broadway Blvd.

Kansas City, MO 64111


One of my personal goals for 2017 is to regularly visit a chiropractor. I know I am getting older BUT my body shouldn't feel the way it does sometimes! I stopped by Schabel Performance Health & Wellness and found out some fascinating things they can help with -- I had no idea! 

  Dr. Nick and Larisa Schabel

Dr. Nick and Larisa Schabel

From Dr Larisa Schabel:

Take Control of Your Family's Health in 2017!

A fresh start doesn't come from a new year. It comes from a new choice! As a healthcare professional, your family's health is my first priority! I believe in supplying my patients with the tools and information to live a fuller, healthier lifestyle.

As a chiropractic physician, I'm here to help you understand your body. The nervous system is the master communication system to all of the other systems of the body, including the reproductive system. For expecting mothers, my role involves helping your body establish pelvic balance and alignment during pregnancy so that there is enough room available for the developing baby. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce the time of labor and delivery, promote healthy delivery, maintain a healthier pregnancy, and relieve neck, back and joint pain!

Chiropractic isn't just for adults...

At Schabel Performance Health & Wellness, we love treating kiddos! My pediatric patients range from newborns to active adolescents. By removing your child's spinal restrictions, their body is allowed to express its full potential for self-healing. This can help eliminate chronic stimulants in a child's environment and remove interference throughout the nervous system, When the immune system can respond appropriately, the need for some medical intervention is often eliminated.

More than any other time in history, women are opting out of breastfeeding due to fear of their baby rejecting their breast. We want to end this shift and return to a natural form of infant care! Chiropractic adjustments of newborns may not only improve their nursing relationship, but may also help with latching issues. Wouldn't you want to regain those countless hours of lost sleep due to your baby's colic? I help with this issue on a daily basis!

A comprehensive approach for sports injuries...

In addition to pediatric, pregnancy and family care, we also offer sports injury rehabilitation and preventative services. Dr. Nick Schabel uses a comprehensive approach to help eliminate pain and rehabilitate the issue so you can perform at your peak! Dr. Nick treats everyone from young athletes to weekend warriors.

For more information on our passion for helping others, please visit our website,

Schabel Performance Health & Wellness

13400 Briar Dr, Suite B

Leawood, KS 66209


I have committed to taking care of my body this year. One area in which I struggle -- nutrition. So, I called a pro for help. Meet Adi, founder of Fit Food Feel Good.  The concept of Fit Food Feel Good begins with accepting that we are not all biologically equal. This inequality allows one person to thrive on a diet that would be disastrous for another. For me, what worked was incorporating vitamins, herbs, stress reduction methods, different breathing techniques, and a new fitness and Pilates program for weight loss. 

  Adi Shamir - Fit Food Feel Good

Adi Shamir - Fit Food Feel Good

She offers The Transformation Plan - feel your best and lose weight through food and lifestyle changes.
- She teaches you how to fix your health issues like food sensitivities, allergies, inflammation, lack of energy, weight gain by creating health and not by treating their symptoms with drugs.
- Food is information and every bite changes our biology, turns on or turns off inflammation
- She believes that we are what we eat and that we should let food be our medicine and medicine be our food.
- Adi offers services such as trips to the grocery store, fitness plan, meal plan, health history, kitchen optimization. She's an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach -- a supportive mentor and wellness authority who will work with you to help you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing one diet or one way of exercising, she will tailor an individualized wellness and weight loss program to meet your specific transformation needs.

Adi also has her own recipes she will share with you such as Chia pudding and homemade hummus.

She also offers classes such as, Pilates reformer, TRX, Barre classes and private sessions to reach fitness goals. Find more information here on those classes. 

She is hosting a four-session workshop called 'Back on Track'. The workshop is focused on a sugar detox program plus healing your gut and digestive system through super foods, healthy lifestyle and essential oils. She will teach about the best sugar alternatives and foods to avoid, the principles of clean eating, and healing food sensitivities via the elimination diet.

Follow her on Instagram @adibarlasshamir

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