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Kiddos: Easy Adorable Homemade Valentines

Written by: Jenny

If your kiddos have ever received a Valentine from either of my kiddos, this is what they got. I make the same Origami envelope pouch every single year, using different paper and a different treat tucked inside. It is super simple. I'd call it a life-changing craft because if you think about it, you could use it for birthday party treat bags, tuck a gift card inside and give to a friend for a birthday or holiday. 

Here's what you need:

12 x 12 scrapbook paper (I think the more flexible paper is easier to fold)

You need two colors - a patterned piece and a coordinating piece


Glue Stick

Paper cutter (scissors will do just fine - I just love my paper cutter and have used it a zillion times over the years for different projects!)

You can look at the pictures below and figure it out. But, basically, put a piece of the printed paper with a piece of the solid (coordinating) paper. Start folding like this:

I staple the patterned piece of paper that folds down (this will make sense when you do it) to secure it. Then, I glue down the solid (red) paper. Not necessary, but I feel like it stays together better that way!

Simply print out whatever you want to say and glue that on as well! A couple of ideas from previous Valentine's I've crafted this exact same way:

Use Hello Kitty paper -- "HELLO Valentine!"

Use Spiderman paper -- "Have an AMAZING Valentine's Day"

Get creative! There are tons of printed papers to choose from at Hobby Lobby or Michael's and certainly, plenty of cute little puns to go along with whatever theme you choose.

Or, this year, my daughter just simply liked the pattern on this paper for her girlfriends, so I just went with a basic, simple greeting:

I do, however, LOVE the ones we came up with for the boys in her class:

Here are the ones my son, Miles, will be handing out to the girls in his class:

And for the boys in his class:

Get some clear treat bags, fill 'em up with whatever goodies you choose, tie with some curly ribbon and that's it! 

Easy homemade Valentine's that are always a big hit!




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