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Kiddos: Winter Indoor Craft Ideas

Written by: Jenny

So, we were expecting the ice storm of the century this past weekend. I stocked the pantry. But, how would I keep my four and six year old children occupied during the lock-in?!

Mama had to get crafty. And when crafty calls, I drive directly to Michael's.

Michael knows.

First up, quite possibly the greatest craft item I've ever purchased for my daughter. A cardboard castle. Easy to assemble. FUN to color! We worked on this puppy for two straight days and I'm not sure who had more fun doing it - me or her! Dad even got involved (he took on the red bricks). Little brother was not allowed to color it (her rules, not mine), but she did let him inside of it where he happily played on his iPad while we colored away! 

I couldn't find this on the Michael's website, but I purchased it at the Liberty, MO location AND used a coupon, so I picked it up for around $10. Plus a couple of packs of markers. Boom, awesome indoor lengthy entertainment!

Next up... Perler Beads. Fusible bead fun. Both kids loved this! It was also a time consuming project, which was nice because we had loads of time to kill. I'd say the only downside is that the beads are tiny so if you have itty bitty kiddos crawling around your house, don't even think about it. Many-a-bead fell on the floor and that was my first mama thought each time they dropped. 

Basically, you get a few templates. The kids put whatever color beads in whatever pattern they choose on the template. I used a special piece of included ironing paper to iron over their masterpiece so it would fuse together. Voila! 

That's all I've got for now. I'll keep you posted on our next indoor craft adventure! 63 days til Spring. But, who's counting.



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