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she3: The many benefits of Botox (who knew?), 'How to Break Your Tech-Checking Obsession' + what you can do right now to help in the fight against addiction.

Written by: Jenny

1. My sister knows how in love I am with my Botox from Sunflower Dermatology for cosmetic reasons! So, she texted me this the other day! I gotta get my hands on a copy - I want to read more and you can't access it online without paying for an online subscription. So, thought I'd share in case you wanna do the same thing! Ahh, the many benefits.

2. Our friends at Fit Bottomed Zen recently posted this article -- it's a good one. 'How to Break Your Tech-Checking Obsession'.

3. Addiction affects so many. I lost my brother to it. I recently posted this, but in case you missed it -- here it is again. What YOU can do right now in Missouri to help the fight against addiction. Read on.


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