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she3: New Year no fear, cute leather jacket outfits + tricks to drink more water.

Written by: Jenny

1. As a person who struggles with Anxiety, FEAR is what rules me many days. One of my resolutions is to stop that! To run right over fear and leap into situations that would otherwise leave me an anxious mess. So, I found this inspiration and I thought I'd share it. New Year... let go of fear. We can do this!

2. I bought a leather jacket. I love it. But, I'm not totally sure how to wear it! So, I found a few really cute outfits online! If you're loving the trend and want a little inspiration -- here ya go! Loving these looks:

3. One of my resolutions for 2017 is to drink more water. Some days I don't have any trouble with this at all! Other days? Yuck. It's just hard to get it down! So, I found this article -- how to trick yourself into drinking more water every day! I'm gonna steal some of these ideas!


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