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she3: Music dogs love, the key to happiness (and it's probably nothing you'd guess) + improve your online dating.

Written by: Jenny

1. I'm a HUGE dog lover. My Boxer, Oscar, is like a kid to me! I do feel I've been failing him though. Every day when I go to work, I put Mix 93.3 on for him to listen to (I mean, I figured he'd like to hear his mama AND Top 40 music). Anyway, I just read about an actual study that proves that dogs DO love listening to music AND their favorite genre? REGGAE! Who knew?! Bob Marley it is.

2. So, what IS the key to happiness? Well, new research shows when people participate in NUDIST activities, they're more satisfied with their bodies, therefore more satisfied and happy with their lives overall. Um. Ok. I feel like there's gotta be another way... lol.

3. Ways to get better results with online dating! Click here.


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