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she3: A sweater you NEED, 50 Shades Darker scoop + a fun fact (or not-so-fun fact depending on where you are in life!)

Written by: Jenny

1. You need this sweater. I'm serious. If you're like me, always freezing... this is like wearing a 'throw'. The softest, comfiest - I may wear it every day of my life (warning). A-MAZING. I bought it in pink over the weekend. I'm buying the black one today. No shame.

2. An extended trailer for 50 Shades Darker was just released! Eek! So excited. Click here to see it. It looks soooo good!! Can't wait.

3. And, finally - a fun fact (well, depending on where you are in your life!!) -- according to a new study, more women got impregnated January 2nd than any other day of the year! It has everything to do with the chaos of the holidays being over. Great news if you're trying. Not-so-great news if you're not! Read the whole thing here.


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