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she3: An awesome tribute, a new flavor of M & M's + how to manifest your goals.

Written by: Jenny

1. We lost a LOT of artists in 2016. Some serious legends. Keith Urban (love him) paid tribute to some of them at his New Year's Eve show in Nashville. Nicole Kidman even pops up on stage! Really good tribute. Click here if you wanna see it.

2. Thanks M & M's for making it hard to stick to the ol' New Year's Resolution! Fine time to come out with THIS! Must. Try.

3. How to manifest your goals from our friends at Fit Bottomed Zen!

she3: A way to eat less, another reason to adore Justin Timberlake + why Overland Park ROCKS in 2017!

she3: A sweater you NEED, 50 Shades Darker scoop + a fun fact (or not-so-fun fact depending on where you are in life!)