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she3: A way to eat less, another reason to adore Justin Timberlake + why Overland Park ROCKS in 2017!

Written by: Jenny

1. Fun fact! Who knew? I was just reading that if you eat in total silence (no TV, music... or conversation?!) you'll eat less because you can hear yourself chew! This is from official research, I'm not making it up. 

2. Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel. #cutestcoupleever -- in case you missed this adorable little story. AND - JT's awesome basketball skills! Wowza! Click here for more.

3. The best and worst cities for keeping your New Year's Resolutions... one of our very own is on the list! Read this, Kansas! Way to go!


Self-Discovery: I Can COOK! No, really!!!

she3: An awesome tribute, a new flavor of M & M's + how to manifest your goals.