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she3: Online grocery shopping, the fastest drying nail polish ever + a great candle.

Written by: Jenny

1. I feel like a broken record here, but if you have not checked out Hy-Vee grocery delivery, you are missing out!! It is AMAZING!! This weekend, I opted to 'pick up'. Which, was equally as amazing. It took no time at all to order on my computer Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon, I just drove up, they loaded all of my stuff into my trunk. DONE AND DONE. Ok, I'll stop talking about it now. I just can't believe how life changing this service is! And, I feel like I'm saving money because I'm not browsing the aisles in person, putting random items in my cart that I don't even need! (They need to do something similar at Target... hmmm. Wait, nevermind. Target cruising = therapy.)

2. My little girl LOVES for me to paint her nails. Thing is, she is six. No patience to sit and wait for it to dry. I discovered the best nail polish ever. It dries in about 30 seconds. If you're not familiar with this stuff... get it! If not for you, for your little girl! 

3. Found this candle at Tuesday Morning. Love it so much, I needed to see if I could order it online somewhere (because you know how it is -- may never show up at Tuesday Morning again!) Sure enough. Found it. Tobacco and Oak -- never would've thought that scent would've been so good. But, it is awesome! And I love the message of 'stay positive'. 


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