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Downer: Fixer Upper is Ending

Downer: Fixer Upper is Ending


Written by: Jen Johnson

It’s official. “Fixer Upper” is ending after Season 5. Chip and Joanna Gaines wrote on their blog, "It is with both sadness and expectation that we share the news that Season 5 of 'Fixer Upper' will be our last." The couple said they want to focus on their family and their other business ventures.

So you’re telling me that we’re not going to see Joanna use shiplap and barn doors ever again? We won’t get to watch Chip jump through walls or eat a roach? I’m watching a rerun RIGHT NOW, and truth be told, I’ve seen this episode before, and I’ll watch it again. BUT, as much as I love their rustic and repurposed style and adore their sweet couple repartee, I think this is the right time to say goodbye.

Think about it; Season 5 is set to air in November, which gives us a little time to load up on past favorites and prepare for a few last nuggets of renovation greatness, and BOOM, they also hit us in November at Target. That’s when they’ll launch Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, an exclusive home and lifestyle brand designed in partnership with Chip and Joanna. We can bring farmhouse-chic into our very own homes.

According to, "Jumping the Shark" is attempting to draw attention to or create publicity for something that is perceived as not warranting the attention, especially something that is believed to be past its peak in quality or relevance. We don’t want to think of Chip and Joanna as past their peak. We want to revel in the greatness they’ve given us. Season 5, perfect ending.

Note from Jenny:

I'm sure Jen won't mind me tagging on to the end of her blog! I am SO sad about this news! Yet, comforted by reruns. AND their line coming to Target... which you KNOW is gonna be amazing! Chip and Jo don't know it... but they're my celeb BFFs.

I really got to know them while I was in the hospital earlier this year (a non-consecutive grand total stay of 30 days). Ya see, there are only about three channels available on hospital TV's. CNN... the depressing hospital 'soothing' music channel... and HGTV! So, I watched HOURS of Fixer Upper. I fell in love with them (as everyone does!) and got some mega-inspiration for my house! In fact, I just spent this past weekend implementing some of those ideas.

If you haven't read their book yet... highly recommend. It's fun to read about they met and how far they've come. And, it's pretty inspirational!

a mag.jpg

All good things must come to an end. But, I'm really sad to see this one go. 

Now... anyone wanna roadtrip it to Waco? I'm down!

:) Jenny

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Jen Johnson co-hosts The Show with Jen and Truta on KC102.1 in Kansas City weekday mornings from 6-10 am. She lives in Overland Park with her husband and two daughters (ages 9 and 7). Random facts about Jen: she was an extra in the movie Derailed (with Jennifer Aniston), she lived in Alaska for a summer, she was a traffic reporter for NBC in Chicago, and she tore her ACL playing basketball in college. She’s passionate about fund-raising and participating in Walk MS (multiple sclerosis), Cure SMA’s (spinal muscular atrophy) Walk-n-Roll, and raising money for Variety KC. Twitter/Instagram @jenkc1021

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