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Fall Style: Five New Ways to Wear Leggings

Fall Style: Five New Ways to Wear Leggings

Written by: Jenny Matthews with Alyssa from Frankie & Jules Boutique

Leggings. My go to. On the daily.

It's funny because my kids won't wear "crunchy jeans" (their term). I get frustrated about that sometimes. But, then I get real and think to myself -- who am I kidding? Most days, I don't wanna wear "crunchy jeans" either! I go for leggings. But, I get a little bored with the same old look.

I was thinking about this the other day and reached out to my friends at Frankie & Jules Boutique to see if they could help me out with five fresh ways to wear leggings this season.

The Casual Cute

For when ya need to be cute but want to be comfy! The Moto legging is perfect to elevate your look to do just that.

a frank 1.JPG

The Date Night

Leather leggings are the perfect way to switch up your date night look.

a frank 2.JPG

The Classic

Layering with classic high-waisted leggings is forever our go to! They are easy to throw on and look great with any tunic in your closet.

a frank 3.JPG

The Go Getter

These detailed workout leggings aren't just for working out! Throw on this look when you need to head out the door and tackle the day.

a frank 4.JPG

The Styled Look

Mixing colors is easy to do with our classic palette legging collection! Adding gray leggings paired with a lavender sweater and corduroy skirt, is sure to be your favorite layered look.

a frank 5.JPG
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