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As Seen on Fox 4: Jenny and Brooke's Fall Favorites

As Seen on Fox 4: Jenny and Brooke's Fall Favorites


Written by: Jenny + Brooke

One big reason we started sheKC was to create a space where we can connect and share with each other. We get so excited when we find cute shoes, great skin products, comfy clothes (the list goes on) -- we love that we can tell you all about it here on our blog! Hey, we'd love to know what YOU are lovin' these days! Shoot us an email anytime and let us know about it --

If you were watching Fox 4 this morning and saw our segment -- here's a recap and links on where to find our recent faves.

Brooke's Current Obsessions:

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I love this steam hair straightener! I'm gonna go ahead and call it 'life changing'. Here's the deal. My hair is coarse and naturally curly. This works WONDERS on my hair. It puts moisture back in as I straighten. And, it gets the job done in less time and leaves my locks feeling super silky. Highly recommend.

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This time of year, I stock up on these gummies! Kids are back in school... it's cold and flu season... germs everywhere. Yuck. Everyone in my house takes these regularly for prevention because they're packed full of Vitamin C and Zinc. If I feel something coming on? I just take a few and it seems to knock it right out.

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I love LOCAL. And this local company, Mixture, makes some of the best home and body products I've ever used. The fragrance is so, so good and I love the texture of this body lotion. Mixture also makes a surface cleaning product I love -- NO. STREAKS. And, bonus! A yummy Fall harvest scent.

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These boots... DROOL. Over-the-knee and I'm obsessed with the color. Super soft. Cute with leggings or skinnies. An easy color to pair with all of your Fall and Winter clothes. I got 'em at Amelia's Boutique.

Jenny's Current Obsessions:

Working mom (two jobs... radio + blogger), two small kiddos... busy, busy, busy all of the time. I discovered the entire Aromatherapy line from Bath & Body Works and I can't get enough. I love all of the scents and truly believe in the healing power of oils and Aromatherapy! The Stress Relief line is just what I need at the end of every day.

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My daughter loves when I paint her nails! But, she's seven. She's wiggly. Not a chance she's sitting still for more than 60 seconds to let the polish dry. SOLUTION! This awesome nail color by good ol' Sally Hansen! Dries in less than a minute and comes in tons of super fun colors.

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I discovered 'The Make-Up Eraser' not too long ago. Genius invention. A make-up remover 'wash cloth' that truly removes all traces of hard to remove eye make-up EASILY. I love mine and use it daily. I was at Ulta Beauty the other day and found this tiny version of it -- eye make-up removing mitts! Comes with two and a little bag. Nice for travel and the same concept!

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I feel like I'm on a constant quest for great mascara. I've tried and used several that ARE amazing. Recently though, I've been looking for one that gives the volume and drama... but will also stay put. Allergy season. My eyes water constantly. By the end of the day, I looked like a raccoon. Found THIS gem and had to share! Two thumbs up.

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On a related note... I needed an eyeliner that would stay put, too! FOUND IT. This stuff does not smudge AT. ALL. And, easy to remove with my make-up removing mitts (above)! #winning








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