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#iamsheKC: The Real Faces of Kansas City

#iamsheKC: The Real Faces of Kansas City

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Written by: Jenny + Brooke, co-founders of sheKC

One of our biggest reasons for creating was to provide a place for all women in our awesome city to connect. A place to share about local businesses and events. A place to get encouraged and inspired. A community. 

We have gotten to know so many awesome people since sheKC began. We talk about it all of the time -- how many incredible women are in our city! Smart, beautiful, kind, authentic, creative, hard-working, strong women. We wanted to highlight some of them!

Hundreds nominated friends, sisters... themselves! And we loved reading every single entry. To be perfectly honest? Each of you is deserving of the prize. But, we had to choose only three. We'd like to present to you -- the winners of 'The Real Faces of Kansas City' with sheKC:

Robin Gedman nominated her business partner, Lindsey Oviedo

Lindsey and I co-own a t-shirt company and she is like my right arm. I love her like a sister and could never do this company or life without her. 
She honestly spends her time trying to think of ways to make other people feel good. Just the other day she made care packages for the crossing guards near her kids' school because she heard a parent had yelled at one of them. She knew specifically which one was yelled at but thought they all needed to know how appreciated they were. Things like that are definitely are always being cooked up in her mind.
Lindsey is the mom of 2 baseball loving boys and the wife to a guy who played college ball. Her life is completely baseball from morning until bedtime and she just deserves some pampering and girly stuff for herself. For all of these reasons I think Lindsey is the perfect candidate for the Real Faces of Kansas City.

Robin, you got us with the care package story. What a heart of gold. Kindness always wins. Meet Lindsey...

Stephanie Adamson nominated her friend, Rachel Cisneros

Rachel is a liver transplant nurse for Children's Mercy and a Chiefs SUPERFAN! She just took on the Chicago Marathon! I think she would be great representation of sheKC and Kansas City.

Stephanie, nurses have our hearts... they are angels. And we are so grateful for Children's Mercy -- such a wonderful hospital right here in our city. We think you're right. Rachel is the perfect choice! Meet Rachel...

Jennifer Adam nominated her friend, Cassidi Jobi

Cassidi is the owner of We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym which is Kansas City’s only fully inclusive play facility. Their mission is to provide inclusive play resources that promote understanding and acceptance of those with developmental differences. She has used her business as a platform to educate our community about autism during Autism awareness month as well as several other print and TV interviews to educate our community about the importance of inclusion.
Cassidi is one of the kindest people I know and she has poured her heart and soul into her mission because of her belief that inclusion can benefit our entire community. I know she would use this as an opportunity to share this message but I also know if there is anyone who deserves a day to get glammed up, it is her! 

Jennifer, we couldn't agree more! Meet Cassidi...

Each of these beautiful women received a day of pampering, which included:

A hydrafacial from The Real Spa

Hair and make-up by Beauty Brands on the Country Club Plaza plus a $50 gift card

A fun photo shoot by Cassandra Castaneda on location at Restoration Emporium (Plaza location) featuring outfits from Frankie & Jules Boutique, Camp David and Simply Shine Boutique

Watch for more fashion inspiration from our Real Faces of Kansas City winners on our social media pages throughout the month of November!

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