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Experience: A Healthy + Delicious Meal from Enjoy

Written by: Brooke

Love trying new restaurants? Me too. Enjoy Pure Food + Drink was named one of the 'Top 50 Places to Eat in Kansas City', I couldn't agree more!! The first time I tried Enjoy I had a feeling it was gonna be good. And, it was. In fact, it was better than good. It was fantastic. I would now call Enjoy, located in Mission Farms, one of my absolute favorite spots in KC!

As a small business owner, I love getting to know others doing the same thing. I know the heart, soul and passion I poured into my boutique (Bella B's) and now this website. Staci, the owner of Enjoy has the same heart for her restaurant. She consciously chooses each ingredient for every meal. 

Enjoy uses almost 100% organic ingredients in all of their food and beverages. They're a full-service restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also provide a high-integrity cold-pressed organic juice program -- the most unique, healthful smoothies and even organic wine!

Healthy is one thing. But, healthy AND delicious is not easy to achieve. Enjoy has it figured out. 'Good for you food' that is incredibly tasty.

Staci and the staff at Enjoy are very intentional about EVERY single ingredient -- where it comes from and how it was grown or produced. Their purpose is to provide the healthiest food for our bodies, that will translate into helping us all rise to our fullest potential. Sign me up for that!

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Save the Date: sheKC EXPERIENCE