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Women's Health: Making Ourselves a Priority

Written by: Brooke

This year I committed to 'taking care of ME'. I know it sounds weird having to commit to 'myself'. But, I'm always thinking of all of the things I should be doing for my kids, my husband, business -- you name it. 'I' get lost in all of the chaos. And, I know that's not healthy.

So, I knew I would need help sticking to my commitment. That's why I partnered with a mentor, Jodie Rodenbaugh. She's a life coach, business coach, life liberator and she. is. amazing. She knows her stuff and calls me out on mine. She speaks truth to me and works through the 'crud'. We all have it right?!

I talk with her weekly about my business, marriage and life goals. She gives me tools to get there and produce results. The other day we were talking about my health. She said something that keeps playing over and over again in my mind. I can do all of these outside 'appearance' type of things for 'myself' (hair, nails, working out). But, if I'm not working on the INTERNAL, mental stuff -- nothing else even matters.

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That REALLY got to me. Everything within me functions SO differently when my head feels clear and not so crazed. She suggested sitting with myself in meditation, going on a walk, moving my body -- and simply making the time to turn off my mind.

I know she's right.

In this world where we are all over-stimulated with phones, laptops, social media and television -- it's so easy to get lost in all of it. I'm gonna keep it real and declare that I totally have a phone addiction. That is one huge thing I'm trying to work on. Checking 'out' of technology and becoming more present. Life is happening. Beautiful things are happening and I'm missing it because I'm checking emails, texting, and scrolling my news feed. Can you relate?

This week my homework with Jodie is to get more in tune with myself and to make self-care a priority.

To be continued.



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