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she3: 'This is Us' theories, bangs + a new book.

Written by: Jenny

1. OMG are you as obsessed with 'This is Us' as I am?? Every episode in the back of my head I think, 'HOW DID JACK DIE!?!' Obviously, we will find out eventually. But, an equally-as-obsessed friend sent me this list of theories! Some pretty good ideas. I'm going with the plane theory. Click here to read it!

2. Bangs! They're the hot trend right now and we are loving it! I wore side-swept bangs forever, primarily because I don't like my forehead!! But, I've started wearing them straight down. Meanwhile, Brooke chopped her hair just the other day and added some fun bangs! Here's an article about the best haircut for 2017.

3. I just pre-ordered this book on my Kindle. I can't wait to read it. 

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