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Treasure Your Valentine

Written by: Willie Lieberman, Jenny's mom

Valentine's Day. Ugh. Yesterday was really hard. Every time I think I have a real grip on this grief business, something happens. Let me start at the beginning, I lost my husband, Mark, almost two years ago.

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. Ever since I was a little girl, there was something so wonderful about it! I remember decorating the boxes with tissue paper (and actual tissues that we folded and made flowers out of ... LOL). Everyone would bring in their Valentines and put them in our beautifully decorated box. You held your breath as the cards were passed out on the big day, just crossing your fingers that you got one from (HIM)….eeeek!!! Then we would have pink frosted cupcakes, that were the most beautiful shade of pink ever, lots of candy and we would play games and have a party with our classmates. LOVED IT!!!

I always made a big fuss over Mark on Valentine's Day and showered him with love and gifts and cards and special dinners. On our very last celebration, he was too sick to fight the crowds and confusion in restaurants, so I made us a beautiful dinner at home. While he was napping, I set up a table for two in the front windows of our condo, overlooking the ocean. I decorated the table with lots of hearts and pretty dishes and candy... and and and! We sat there and talked and enjoyed the ocean view (there was a full moon that night that lit up the ocean), and we ate good food and drank champagne and for a moment, it was like “old times”.

For a moment, it was like he wasn’t terminal. For a moment... and now, I have tears of sadness rolling down my cheeks. As I prayed this morning, I thanked God for the greatest earthly gift he ever gave me. Mark. My husband. My soul mate. My beloved. My Valentine. I miss you, honey, beyond words. Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven.

My wish for you, reader, is for a beautiful love filled life with YOUR 'person'. Appreciate it. Savor it. Enjoy it. Love beyond beyond.

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