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My Love for SKiN - An Organic, Non-Toxic Product Line

Written by: Brooke

Have you ever thought about what you're putting on your skin? Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs EVERYTHING! They have found many cosmetics, lotions and facial products have so many toxic, harmful ingredients in them. Scary. This is the sort of thing that I think about all of the time.

That's why I am so relieved to have met Stephanie, creator of SKiN.  SKiN is a 100% organic, natural, non-toxic line. I'm working some of these products into my routine and want to share my favorites so far. EVERYTHING I've tried has been amazing!! My skin has been so crazy dry this winter so I'm obsessing over the Daily Greens. 

The Daily Greens gives you intense hydration while repairing your skin from sun damage. It also slows down further aging. I say it all of the time -- I'm not goin' down without a fight! So, I love that aspect of The Daily Greens!

daily greens.jpg

I do not like shaving, who does? So when you can find a product that makes you look forward to the dreadful shave you must share. She has created an oil called Apricot Rose Body Oil, the triple threat. She named it that because you can use it as a massage oil, body oil or shaving oil. The razor glides, it's wonderful! 

She has SO many incredible products on her site, its a must to check out. She even has stuff for guys. Follow them on Instagram here

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