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Body Piercing: Why I Recommend Going to a Pro + A Must-Read if You're a Migraine Sufferer

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Written by: Jenny

So, after months and months of begging, my husband finally agreed to let our six-year-old daughter, Julianne, get her ears pierced right before Christmas. Honestly, I was shocked! He had been saying 'no' for so long -- I think just trying to keep his little girl 'little' for as long as humanly possible. But, as a woman who was once a little girl just like her -- I knew how badly she wanted to wear earrings, and I knew that there was a sweet way for her to wear them age-appropriately.

Now, that said. I would've taken her to the mall to have it done. In fact, that was the only option I even knew existed! Matthew, my husband, had a different idea. After researching the way he does... well, everything in life! He decided we needed to take her to a specialty piercing shop. He found one with good, solid reviews. Off we went to Supernatural Body Piercing in Westport.

Ok, so not gonna lie. It seemed a little odd to me taking her to a place without stuffed animals and hot pink glittery bows everywhere. You get me, right? But, when we walked in the door and I was met with the scent of... a dental office (I can't think of another way to describe it!) -- I started warming up quickly to my hubby's idea. This place was CLEAN. Like, super sanitary.

Funny thing is that I saw ALL ages coming through the door one after the other. Piercing is POPULAR. Women old enough to be my grandmother. Men old enough to be my father. Teens looking to show their individuality. And little girls, just like mine. Lots of them. I honestly didn't realize. I mean, I have holes in my ears and back when Britney made it cool to have a belly button ring, I followed the trend. But, I just didn't realize that this is such a THING!

It was Julianne's turn. She chose the most adorable little pink studs. We went into the piercing room which was like a medical exam room. Again, insanely clean and her piercer couldn't have been any nicer if he tried. He was so kind and gentle with her. Explained exactly what he was going to do. I was having a slight panic attack at this point. A stranger was about to stick a needle through my daughter's earlobes. But, she took his lead of calmness and sat there like a champ. I had her hold my hand and told her to squeeze if it hurt. She didn't even flinch. She said it didn't hurt... at all. I was so pleasantly surprised. 


To say the whole experience from start to finish was a good one would be an understatement. It was awesome. The staff was as friendly as it gets. Cleanliness -- again, superb. And, they're for sure the pros. They know their stuff.

I was so impressed, I wanted to share my experience with you, sheKC readers. I emailed the shop and asked if we could do a short Q + A. Owner Clay Wanstrath was up for the chat:

How long have you been a professional body piercer?

17 years. I have been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers for 10 years. The APP is an international group of piercers and health care workers who promote safety and education to both body piercers and the public.

I started my own studio, Supernatural Body Piercing, in 2014. It's dedicated entirely to body piercing and body jewelry. We carry a large selection of jewelry for every piercing including gold, titanium, steel, precious and semi-precious stones.

What's your favorite part of the job?

Truly, my favorite part of the piercing experience is helping people get what they want. They have an idea of how they want to look or they have a mental image of themselves and the piercing helps them to physically change themselves. Being a part of that change in someone's life is an honor I take seriously.

Let's talk kids. Look, I've gotta be honest. It never even occurred to me to go to a pro for my daughter's ears. But, now that we had the incredible experience we did -- I wouldn't have it any other way. I have shared this with all of my girlfriends who are about to go through the ear piercing experience with their kiddos!

As far as piercing children's earlobes it is one of my favorites lately. Children take the experience of getting pierced differently than most teenagers or adults. It's a step towards adulthood and they get to participate fully in that decision. When they arrive at Supernatural we speak with them about the aftercare and make sure they understand that a piercing is something that must be cared for and can't be neglected. Kind of like taking care of a pet or a plant. We explain what is happening each step of the way so that there are no surprises. We pierce using single use, sterile, disposable needles and use implant grade titanium jewelry.

And let me tell you, she takes her aftercare VERY seriously thanks to that pep talk! You guys really know how to connect with children. 

No matter what piercing someone comes in for we want the person to feel welcome, to not be afraid to ask questions and we want them to know we will help them if they have questions or concerns during or after the healing time. By the end of the experience we want them to like piercing as much as we do.

We pierce people of all ages and all demographics and we do a wide variety of piercings. I think what makes piercing more accepted today for all ages is the choice of jewelry that is available. Not only is piercing more accepted because of its popularity, but because jewelry options are more extravagant, it makes it accessible for those with discerning tastes. An example I see often is the nostril piercing. It's the same piercing whether it's done with a steel hoop or a diamond stud set with yellow gold. The choice of jewelry makes the same piercing look totally different.

Something I found SO interesting -- people are coming in to get 'Daith' piercings not just for the look, but because some believe it can provide relief for migraine sufferers! Can you talk about that?


Daith piercings were once a more obscure ear cartilage piercing that most people had never seen before. Over the past 12 months we've seen a rise in its' popularity due to articles relating it as a cure/preventative/therapy for migraines. For those who want to be pierced for that reason, we explain that it is not a cure. It's a slow healing piercing that takes usually six months to heal, and that the best reason to get the daith piercing is if you like the way it looks.

Hey, but anything's worth a shot if you're in severe pain. Why not?! Thank you so much, Clay.



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