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she3: The mom who taught her son a mega lesson after he forgot to take out the trash, phone addiction and PTSD + This is Us!

Written by: Jenny

1. This is the best story! I'm sorry -- I gotta hand it to this mom! She did not let her son slide on his chore of taking out the trash!! Click here to read it.

2. Having our phones taken away gives us the same symptoms as PTSD! Phone addiction is REAL, people. Read this!

3. This is Us (warning potential spoiler alert). Oh. My. TEARS. Correction - SOBS. I was a mess watching last night's episode. My eyes are literally puffy today! Truly, the best show on TV right now, in my opinion! Here's a cool article I found today about last night's episode.

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she3: The stress of working from home, the most germ-covered things at the office + a change for sell-by dates.