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she3: Why getting married on Valentine's Day is a bad idea, pizza + the coolest, kindest kid story.


Written by: Jenny

1. Are you getting married next Tuesday?? According to new research, couples who get married on Valentine's Day are much more likely to get divorced than other couples! So, maybe... pick another day?!

2. Today is 'National Pizza Day'. I don't really know what that means except for it makes me want pizza now that I've just typed that out. 

3. Best story of the day. A six-year-old in Florida found out last month that some kids don't have enough toys because they can't afford them. So, he set up a 'Free Toy' stand outside of his house and gave away a bunch of HIS toys to anyone who needed one. I LOVE KIDS. They have it so right. Read the story here. Our #sheKCkindnessproject LOVES this.


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she3: Music dogs love, the key to happiness (and it's probably nothing you'd guess) + improve your online dating.