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Spring Fashion Real Life Clothing from Evie & Georgie Boutique

Written by: Jenny

Busy working mom over here. I know you get it. Not a lot of time to get out and shop ALONE. But, the other day, I actually had some 'me time' and my first stop was Evie and Georgie Boutique, located in the Mommyshop. (Now renamed, Shopology KC)

Do you have your favorite go-to stores, where you're almost always guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for? Yeah. That's Evie and Georgie for me. Wendy, the owner, just gets 'real life' style. Everything in her shop is on-trend, super cute AND comfy. That's pretty much all I'll wear these days, so I always find lots of goodies at Evie and Georgie!

Here are some dressing room shots from my recent day of shopping:

KC TEE is also available at in the Mommyshop. I love representing our awesome city with such soft, cute tees -- and check out that camo hat with the pink logo! Awesome accessories, water bottles, shoes and more -- Evie and Georgie has my stamp of approval!

Valentine's Date Night, Sitter Included - DONE AND DONE!

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