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i heart KC homes - Lindsay Ridder, Home Consultant

Written by: Lindsay Ridder, Home Consultant

What does your ideal life look like? What makes your heart sing? 

No matter what you do on a day to day basis, we all have something unique to offer. What is your unique gift? What was a transformational moment for you?

Well let me tell you my story.  

As we all do, juggling life day to day, I was a working mom juggling teenage kids’ school and activity schedules, keeping our German Shepard puppy Zoe exercised everyday, oh ya, and myself exercised, our marriage fresh and happy while maintaining good friendships and finding and living out my passion. I really wanted something more that offered time and a high quality of life for my family while feeling a sense of fulfillment. Who doesn’t?

I hit a monumental birthday and something happened to me. I was going through an existential crisis. What am I doing? Why am I here? Is this it? I am a mom, yogi, travel lover and who had been a producer in video and film production for about ten years. At this point in my life I had transitioned away from production and had already embarked on a whole new career in residential real estate. For any of you that know me, I am very driven and love meeting, connecting and learning about people’s stories, but something was still missing. I couldn’t figure out why.

I had to dig deep. What was it that didn’t feel right? Was it how I am building my business processes or marketing materials? I don’t think so. Maybe which office I was with? I had finally found the best office with the best, most professional and well rounded agents ever at Keller Williams Key Partners in Prairie Village, so that wasn’t it. No it was deeper. It was me. I finally realized I was working too hard to “fit the mold” in an industry doing what I was “supposed” to do rather than what made my heart sing. And the funny thing is I know this about myself - I do not like status quo, I love being innovative, creative and thinking outside of the box. It fuels my soul. 

One night I could not sleep. While my brain was working overtime, it hit me like a lightning bolt. What could I offer to my business, clients, Kansas City, the world that no one else in the world could. Me. It was me. My heart. My ability to connect. My ability to really, really care about my clients and help them move from one place in life to the next. My ability to serve my clients above and beyond, from a genuine place as they embarked on the journey of selling their house and buying another. They hired and wanted me to find that special home and give them peace of mind. That is a very big responsibility and one I don’t take lightly. 

All of a sudden during that sleepless night, I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to create a purposeful business from my heart. The unique place that resided within me and within all of us that had always made me successful and connected. But to do this, I had to accept exactly where I was and build from there.

Why not brand myself with a heart. I love my clients. I love homes. And I love KC. After the KC Heart kept popping in my head and an amazing discussion and getting permission from the amazing folks at Charlie Hustle, I heart KC homes was born. It was no longer about “just selling homes, it was now about giving back to this amazing community that supports me, my family and my fabulous clients. I decided that the beginning of implementing this new brand includes giving a donation from every home I sell to a KC charity of my clients’ choice in my clients’ name. My clients are my partners and teammates. We work together to get the best outcome for them and they then have the opportunity to give some to their favorite charity. 

Last fall we hosted the first Charlie Hustle Stuff the Bus with Coats for Kids at Bella Bridesmaids at Park Place sponsored by several local shops. This program will continue to expand, but will always be focused on how we together can add good to KC, even if it is a little at a time. If you have ever bought or sold a house, you know how many pieces need to align for everything to go smooth as silk. This spurred me to align with other key pieces of the real estate puzzle; marketing pros, title companies, lenders, contractors, interior designers, stagers, pro photographers, etc… all who have built their company with heart and purpose so my clients can have the best experience possible on their moving journey.
Thank you, SheKC friends, for the opportunity to share some of this expertise to all of you over the next several months. I am so excited to be a part of sheHOME. 

Moving with purpose and heart to find HOMES clients LOVE in KC. #iheartKChomes #lindsayridder Visit  for more info.


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