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10 Beauty Trends for Spring

10 Beauty Trends for Spring

Written by: Gabby

You guys! Spring time is so close, I can almost feel it in the wind chill. While Spring means green grass, clean cars, and sunshine, it also – more importantly for us – means new beauty trends!

So, put your black everything away and bring out the pinks palettes! It’s that time of year again. Here are the top ten beauty trends to try this Spring.

1.   Bold nails are all the rage - I am pretty boring when it comes to my nails. I actually only own one color of nail polish in six different bottles since it’s been discontinued by OPI – ugh, just my life. But I guess I’m going to be trendy-forced to change my ways since the Spring trends for 2017 are off the charts with crystals, beds, and some chalk-like substance painted over to give a 3D feel. I am doing a miserable job of explaining because it’s actually a gorgeous additive to our trendy lives.

2.    Rock a pink lipstick of your choice. It’s easy to believe that your skin ton doesn’t pair well with pink lipstick. I mean, other than celebrities, who is ever this daring? I’ll tell you who; YOU ARE!

Pink lipstick is honing in on this season and it’s approaching with force. Head to your local make-up store and talk to one of the make-up artists to find the perfect shade for you. I definitely suggest something with a cream base. Your lips may still be chapped from the chill this winter. Purchasing a lipstick with more of a gloss will not only moisturize your lips but also, show less of your natural lip creases.

3.  Treat yourself to facials. The wind was harsh on your skin this year whether you notice it or not. At home cleansers are great when considering saving money and time but treat yourself and your skin once in a while.

I take myself to an esthetician about once every three months and they never fail to amaze me with new treatments. Giving your face a glow before you start sunning those cheeks this summer is vital. Your skin is the biggest organ about you, don’t neglect it!

4.  Wear natural looking make-up. Better known as the “no make-up, make-up look.”

I’m not going to lie, I have a thing for going all natural during the winter because I tend to hibernate anyway. The reality is – and yes, your mother has definitely told you this before – natural is beautiful. But it’s also trending!

I love make-up so, I’m by no means saying go completely bare. I’m saying give yourself a relaxing contour rather than a defined one. Wear an eyeshadow that closely resembles your eyelids and accentuate your long lashes.

Speaking of lashes…

5.  Starting focusing on your eyelashes. Other than putting on my mascara, I’ve noticed I’m seriously neglectful of my eyelashes. I never had super long, luscious lashes so, I guess I never paid much attention to them – Until lash perms just became a popular thing.

I scheduled my appointment a month ago and it’s still not for another month. If that doesn’t show you how incredibly popular lash perming is, I guess I’ll just have to write something up once I’ve finished to prove it to you! My short lashes will soon look long and I’ll question my beautician forever wondering how so worked such magic.

6.  Microblading may be the only tattoo you’re interested in. Yes, tattoo! While it’s semi-permanent – it lasts a year – it’s still a tattoo and there is a blade involved. Don’t be afraid, though. It’s the most gorgeous looking treatment I’ve ever seen. AND it looks exactly like real hairs.

Microblading is slowly making its way to a salon near you. I highly recommend taking a look at this new fad. Always remember that sometimes beauty is painful in a minor sense. If you’ve gotten your eyebrows waxed, you can totally get them bladed.

7.    Brighten your hair. There is a reason baylayage so closely resembles *bae. It’s because baylayage is the best hair trend ever – not only of this Spring. Everyone knows that our hair shines with the sun. Ombre was so last year and highlights are so 2010. It’s time for y’all to teach your roots and tips about the newest thin, natural looking trend that is baylayage.

And once you’ve introduced yourself to it, make sure to take care of it.

8.  Hair masques are everything your roots are crying about. “Knock, knock! Hi, it’s me; your roots! Can I get some moisture up here?”

This is one situation where you can’t make them ask more than once. I know it’s hard to believe but the wind actual does damage to your hair. And, of course, it’s time for some major baylayage, which will only add to the stress on your locks of gorgeousness. Hair masques are all the rage at salons today. This doesn’t just apply to color treated hair. Inquire with your stylist about new products, samples, etc. There is bound to be a masque your roots could use.

9.  Glitter everything in your life. You’re probably wondering if I’m 15 or still living in the age of Britney Spears – sometimes I still wonder that myself but no, I’m not! Glitter is just coming back and it’s knocking on your door. If you don’t believe me, check out Urban Decay’s new palettes.

Are you back yet? Do you believe me now? Yes! It’s glitter everything! You can even add shimmer to your natural face make-up to give it a little boost. Your skin is about to have a new happy, glow of, “It’s Spring-time!” Revel in it.

10.  Color around your eyes should come as no surprise! If you’re not into going the natural route, this is so for you. Okay – we totally knew eventually crazy eyeshadow colors were going to come back. Welcome to Spring of 2017; they’re back.

Seriously, Fashion Week was soaked in orange, blue, and pink eye shadow. They were even combined for the chicest look we’ve been waiting for. But beware: it’s no longer just the upper eye that’s acting as a canvas. You have to remember to outline your under eye as well.

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