Mom Encouragement: It's the Little Things (When We Realize We're Not Screwing Them Up)

Written by: Brooke

Being a mom is so hard. You never know if you're doing the right thing or if you're messing your kids up. Right?! I go to bed with mom guilt and sometimes beat myself up for the silliest things. When I get reassurance as a mom, I cherish it like nothing else. 

My little girl, Ellianna, is five-years-old. She is wise beyond her years, loves hard, is very strong minded (hmm, no idea where she gets that) and spunky. The other day, our nanny sent me a text that had me in tears.

"I forgot to share with you yesterday and thought you would like to know... so I had a cold and Ellie saw me blowing my nose all day. She looked at me and said, 'Payton I just want you to feel better so I'm going to say a prayer for you!' We both closed our eyes and she just started praying! Totally melted my heart and seriously made me tear up! She has a heart of gold, a courageous, confident personality and is so wise. I typed up the prayer right after she said it because it was so funny and cute."

Ellie's prayer: 

It melted me. Moms -- we have to give ourselves grace and realize we are doing the very best we can. Even when we feel like we are failing... we aren't. Hugs to all!!! XO