sheBEAUTY: Treatments for aging skin

Written by: Brooke

Spring is officially here! With a new season, I was in need of a refresh for my skin. So, I had my first chemical peel a week ago at Bare Med Spa.

The word 'chemical' sounds kinda scary, but I have to tell you it was painless. When you get a peel the more layers you add the deeper the peel. It also depends on the type of peel you're getting. I love going to Bare because I trust them and really get to know your needs and wants.

With the peel I had last week I had three layers plus a booster. I wanted to see a significant change in my skin. 

And boy am I! I have been peeling for a few days now and I can see the major changes in my skin. It's like new baby skin, new texture and a major difference in fine lines. I've noticed a big change in my skin in the last year. Aging. It stinks. I am not going down without a fight. 

I believe a skin routine, facial, peels are so important in fighting that battle against time. 

I highly recommend setting up a skin routine to get your face in shape for spring! To set-up a consultation, you can visit or email: