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Adventures in Online Dating: Featuring, Jenny's Mom!

Adventures in Online Dating: Featuring, Jenny's Mom!

Written by: Willie Lieberman (Jenny's Mom)

Hey. It's Jenny! I feel like I have to say a little something here before my mom tells her HILARIOUS story! I wish you could hear her tell this tale in person because my mother truly is one of the funniest women on the planet. When she called me the other day to tell me this account, she was laughing so hard... snorting, wheezing, barely able to get the words out! I was driving and almost had to pull over because I was crying laughing!

Next, I'd like to say how proud I am of her for putting herself out there in the online dating world! She's nearly 70, but doesn't look (or act like it) at at ALL. She's sassy, funny, beautiful (and did I mention funny)? After my stepdad passed away, it broke my heart to see her so sad and alone. Although Mr. Right hasn't come along just yet, I know she's having a good time meeting new friends and getting to know people over dinner and drinks. Speaking of that... I'll let her take it from here... go for it, mom!

ONLINE DATING. REALLY?  Is it really the way of this generation? Back in my day, you fell in love about four times a week with someone you actually saw, knew, and in most cases, knew their parents and where they lived. What happened? It’s now a generation of smart phones, computers, technology, and sans face to face communication.  

But, I digress. Online dating. Why not? I have been a widow for nearly two years and with the encouragement of others who have done it, I got up the nerve to write a profile, select some photos, and hit 'send'! Eek!

Holy cow. It IS so much fun! The 'likes' and 'flirts' and 'dates' have been pouring in. They’ve been pouring in to the extent that I need a spread sheet to keep track of names and important characteristics (age, location, height, names -- seriously, how many Bobs could have an interest in me?) So, I decided to take the next step and go out to lunch and dinner with a few of these guys.

Remember my spread sheet? I am pretty OCD, so I was sure Sunday night was with 'Cal' (not his real name). I got to the restaurant exactly at the appointed time. I stopped by the hostess station and asked if someone was waiting and told her that I had never met the person I was meeting. With that, I turned around and a guy was holding out his arms to give me a hug. OK! There’s Cal... but wait... he was much taller than I remembered reading in his profile. Hmm. Maybe I was confused. I hugged him and said, 'oh! You shaved off your beard!' He laughed and said, 'I haven't had a beard since college!'. Hmm. Weird.

We went to the table. I ordered a drink (vodka rocks). He ordered an RC Cola (when's the last time you had an RC? Do they even make that anymore?!) I told him I would've ordered an iced tea if I'd known he wasn't going to drink. That's when he said, 'I don't drink'.

Wait. The 'Cal' that I was supposed to meet goes to happy hour every Wednesday and just celebrated St. Patrick’s day in a big way.

I asked how long he had been on the dating website where we met. He said... I'M NOT!

I die.

Up he jumped! Up I jumped! I grab my coat and drink and get ready to start running away (like I had done some sort of heinous crime)! He had a look of sheer panic on his face that his REAL date was waiting in the lobby! I asked him what I should do with my drink?! He quickly said, 'take it'! But... WAIT... what's your number??!! HA! Off we ran to the front of the restaurant and sure enough... there sat 'Debbie' his real date!

I headed to the hostess to see if there were any other gentlemen waiting, at which point she and I start laughing like crazy! I took my drink and coat and walked into the bar where I spot -- the real CAL! He looked at his watch and my drink and asks where I'd been?! We laughed like crazy as I reiterated the story and continued to laugh for three hours. PS - he had a beard, he was shorter and it was a fun evening. My spreadsheet didn’t fail me. But... it gets better.

I got home and heard a chime on my phone. A text. Guess who it was from?? YEP! The first guy! He said my date must've been a lot better than his because we were still laughing and having fun as he said goodnight to Debbie.

The next morning, I got another text from guy #1. He told me that Debbie had met guy #2 at the same location a few weeks prior!! I copied and send the text to guy #2 and he says -- ya know, I thought she looked familiar! Small world??? OMG! You can't make this stuff up!

So, online dating. Why not?! I’m not sure I’ve laughed that hard in two years and I’m pretty sure I won’t get dementia, what with all of the spread sheets I’m responsible for now! My brain is at work 24/7 keeping track! It’s fun and it has put a smile on my face and in my heart. So, why not?

Did you get all of that?! Too funny! Adventures in Online Dating with Willie... I feel she needs her own blog! Hey, on a serious note though... if you're dabbling in the world of online dating, investigate your date! Check 'em out on first. Educate before you date!


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