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Creating a Skincare Routine that works

Written by: Brooke

Taking care of ourselves as women, business owners and moms is one of our biggest goals for this year. One thing we have realized is that we forget to take care of our skin. It's crazy how lifestyle, stress, eating habits, and lack of sleep and all affect your skin -- and not always in a good way. So, to remedy years of damage and neglect we have made a goal to treat ourselves to a monthly skincare treatment to cleanse, treat and prevent future damage. 

Do you have a skincare routine? It's important to find a routine and stick to it. One of our biggest mistakes was that we were trying all of these different products and treatments all the time and never knew what was or wasn't working. Start by finding an esthetician that truly understands your skin needs and can create a plan that works for you from products to services. 

Enter Bare Med Spa. I've been going to Bare Med Spa since July 2016 and am seeing AMAZING results by sticking to a routine. I've been to both the Park Place and Downtown spa locations and always have the best experience. I can get excited to try new things and need someone to remind me that I every service isn't going to be the perfect fit for me. Their staff is friendly, educated, and they make you feel confident through each treatment and experience. 

My Skincare Routine: 

First off, I want to reiterate that everyones skin needs are different! Set-up a skincare consultation before you start trying treatments so that your provider can set-up a routine for you. I just wanted to give you an idea of what my new skincare routine looks like from Bare Med Spa.

  1. Monthly Skincare Treatment - From the HydraFacial to BBL, I try to get myself into the spa at least once a month. My esthetician tells me exactly what I need to book based on the season/weather, how my skin is and my current lifestyle. Most recently, I did the Rejuvapen treatment to plump up my skin after all of the damage from the winter. 
  2. Less is More - I try to focus on using just the products my skin needs. I recently starting using the SkinMedica DermaRepair Cream and I LOVE it. I also use the Vivier Pharma Anti-Aging Kit, which I got from the Downtown spa location. 
  3. Stay hydrated, workout more - This is one area I am also working on. Your skin is so connected to the food you put into your body. Staying hydrated and eating healthy is so important. I also am workign on fitting in more workouts into my schedule.

You have to remember that your skin is a work in progress and that you have to take care of it every single day. I have to remind myself to not strive for perfect, but to look and feel my best in the skin I am in. Be confident, be you!

Book a complimentary skincare consultation with Bare Med Spa:

p.s. Right now, they are offering $50 off a HydraFacial!

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