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5 Things to Do For Yourself this Week

Written by: Brooke

When was the last time you did something for yourself? We are often so focused on our day-to-day routines that it can be hard to schedule in 'me' time. This is one thing we are working on and have to give ourselves permission to step away from our roles as mothers, business owners and overall busy bodies.

Here are a 5 things we are challenging ourselves to do this week. Join us as we invest time and energy into the most important thing: oursevles!

1. Go to a Fitness Class: When was the last time you went to a fitness class? So often, we rush to squeeze in a workout, but it's never as good as when you go to a class led by an instructor. We went to Health House in Town Center this week and it pushed us, hard! The low-impact rowing paired with heavy weight training was the boost we needed to kickstart the week. We always feel better after taking that time to sweat!

2. Do something pampering: Whether it's getting a manicure, massage, blowout or anything else that makes you relax AND feel good, we fully support it! It's true, when you look good on the outside, you feel so much more confident. So, go book that appointment!

3. Read a book: Honestly, sitting down to read is the LAST thing we think about. When the day is done, so often we get cozy on the couch and turn on the TV or get on our phones. It's such a bad habit and sucks us right back into work. Even scrolling through Instagram at night is not the best way to end your day. We are commiting ourselves to reading a bit each night, even if it takes all year to finish the book!

4. Go to a Healthy Happy Hour: That's right...Happy Hour doesn't always have to be about heavy apps and fancy cocktails. What we put into out body is so important and we are focused on doing things the healthy way. Enter Enjoy Pure Food + Drink. While we found them as a place to get our morning smoothie or fat coffee, they also offer fresh and healthy meals AND $5 wine during happy hour. That's a win-win. You can have you cake and eat it too.

5. Get together with your group: Speaking of Happy Hour, have you been putting off time with your friends? It's easy to put off social time to be with your family or to focus on your career. But these relationships are so important, so stop pushing your friends to the side! Schedule in a one month meet-up or Happy Hour to be around the women that support, uplift and inspire you.

What will you do for yourself this month?

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