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Three Simple Summer Shape-Up Strategies

Three Simple Summer Shape-Up Strategies

Written by: Jessica,

What if you actually felt EXCITED to go swimsuit shopping for this summer instead of dreading it? What if you knew that you would feel AMAZING trying them on wearing them to the pool or beach this summer? 

That can be your reality! I have three tips to help you get ready for swimsuit season so that you enjoy feeling CONFIDENT and ready to rock that suit this summer.

With the weather warming up, I don’t know about you, but I get a bit nervous to go swimsuit shopping. Every year I debate whether to shop in stores or online. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, right? At the stores, you have the chance to see the colors, feel the fabric and only take home what you know you like. On the flip-side, you have the unflattering lighting, a tiny dressing room, crazy mirrors... you catch my drift. Online shopping is great because you can choose what you want while lounging in your pajamas and wait to try them on in the comfort of your own home when they arrive. But with that you run the risk of things not fitting right, not looking like they did online, etc. It shouldn’t be so difficult, right?!

Over the years, I have shopped online for swimsuits more often than not to avoid the awkwardness of shopping for them in stores, but then I get frustrated because they don’t fit or look like what I had hoped once they arrive. But ever since I figured a few things out and realized it doesn’t have to be such a chore, I don’t mind shopping in stores. I know that not everything is going to fit and look perfect, and that’s okay. I also know that I will find something that is both fun and flattering, and that’s exciting! The thrill of the hunt, right?

I want to help YOU with that, too! Wouldn’t it be awesome to look forward to that shopping experience because you feel GREAT and you’re in your happy place with your body?  Here are three tips to help you get ready for swimsuit season and to shape up for summer:

1.     Release the pressure on yourself to feel like you need to look like a swimsuit model - Remember when you were a kid and summer was FUN? It didn’t matter what we looked like – it was about the happiness and freedom we felt during the summer months. As an adult, we put so much pressure on ourselves to look like some airbrushed model on a magazine cover. We are so hard on ourselves! Plus, no one at the pool or beach is actually judging us… they are too busy judging themselves about their own bodies. So let’s just stop this madness already! Let’s get back to enjoying the reason why we are buying the swimsuits in the first place – TO HAVE FUN in them and to ENJOY the summer! 

2.     Take baby steps - We all know the saying that 'Rome wasn’t built in a day'. Well, getting your body to your happy place is not going to happen instantly either. It’s about making small changes consistently, over time. Try parking further away from the entrance to the store or mall, replace a sugary snack for a piece of fruit each day, drink more water… stuff like that. Make small, consistent changes over time and you will see and FEEL the results. It’s important to set realistic goals you can achieve. I used to think I had to deprive myself of carbs AND exercise like a maniac to get the body I wanted. FALSE! That’s not realistic, not necessary and definitely not fun. Keep the goals realistic and make small changes. They will add up fast and so will the results!


3.     Let yourself enjoy the journey - It’s important to take a moment and realize how far you’ve come and to be PROUD of yourself. This will help you to continue and stay on track. After you reach a goal you’ve set for yourself (such as going for a walk three times per week), treat yourself to a manicure, a pedicure, or a new pair of summer sandals – whatever will keep you motivated!

The bottom line is that you deserve to have FUN this summer and to feel AWESOME! You deserve to feel CONFIDENT and comfortable in your skin. I provide people with a customized plan to reach their goals and I’d love to help you so that you strut your stuff in your swimsuit this year.

If you’re ready to have your best swimsuit season ever, we can take a look at what you’re doing with your food and exercise and come up with a plan to take your body to the next level. Just go to and sign up for your complimentary 30-minute meeting where I’ll tell you about my cutting-edge programs that work for real people like you. 

Here’s to summer!




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