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sheHOME: 4 Ways to Decorate Walls this Spring

sheHOME: 4 Ways to Decorate Walls this Spring

Written by: Erin Sullivan with Restoration Emporium


4 Ways to Decorate your Walls this Spring


Whenever spring rolls around and I am done with my spring-cleaning, I always start to think about how I can rearrange my apartment. Most of the time I just move some furniture around, add flowers and greenery, or get a fresh new rug. But, this spring I have the urge to spruce up my walls.

Gallery walls:
By far the most popular way to decorate a wall (and my go-to) is the gallery wall. People love this trend because you can do as much as you want or as little as you want with it. Currently, my favorite wall in my home is a gallery wall of collected items from Restoration Emporium and special gifts. I love gallery walls because I am what designers would call a “maximalist”, the opposite of a minimalist. I don’t like clutter, but I do like to collect things and can find a space for pretty much anything. That’s why gallery walls work for me because I can keep adding prints, shelves and eclectic items to it.


Large statement piece:
One option that the minimalists of the world seem to like, are large statement pieces that take up all if not most of the wall. This is a good way to eliminate clutter from your walls and a fun way to switch things up from your average gallery wall. I have this large canvas art in my bedroom. In my living areas I like to keep it eclectic and fun, so I wanted something a little more calm and simple in my bedroom. If farmhouse is more your style, these shanty scrolls are perfect above your bed or fireplace and can stand alone; or you can even add them to your gallery wall!

Pop of color:
A hot trend right now is pops of color. So why not do that with one of your walls? Try a bright color like Holey Moley from Amy Howard’s One Step paint if you’re daring and want something different for spring and summer. Or pick a color that you’ll like year-round like a blue or a red. If you’re not sure how you’ll like the color, start small with one wall and you can always paint a few more walls if you’d like. You can always paint it back if you don’t like it or if you want to change it up between seasons!

If you’re like me and are renting an apartment this idea may not be for you, although I am interested in removable wallpaper or using fabric as wallpaper and liquid starch so it comes right off without any residue. But wallpaper is another way to decorate a wall if you’re not interested in a gallery wall or large statement piece. Again, if wallpaper scares you, putting it in your bathroom or a mudroom isn’t a huge commitment so you can test the wallpaper waters before you dive in!

Bold Moves:   
These are bold design moves that work well in these cases. I encourage you to make those bold moves in your own decor to stand out! Be sure to plan ahead and even ask for a few opinions if you're unsure of how it might turn out.

This wallpaper and gallery wall combination is a bold move with the lines of the wallpaper and the lines of the frames crossing over each other, but it looks very fresh because of the blue in the wallpaper and the florals in the frames.


The wallpaper on the ceiling works so well in this room because of the vaulted ceiling. It looks whimsical with the birds and is perfect for a little girl's room!

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