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Embrace Imperfections with Freedom Shoe

Embrace Imperfections with Freedom Shoe

Written by: Brooke

We always believe in keeping it real. From the stories we share to the brands that we love. Which is why when we discovered Freedom Shoe, we knew we had to share their story.


Freedom Shoe is an American home based handbag and shoe company located in Kansas City, Missouri. What makes them unique is that they handcraft all of their pieces uniquely using genuine leather and bring them to life with handcrafted designs. Their designs are "wearable art" featuring unique markings, personalizations, and uniquely printed cow hides. 

Scars & Imperfections Tell A Story

Each handbag and shoe is different and unique, telling a personal story. Freedom Shoe believes that "we all have scars and imperfections, unique qualities that make us who we are. They tell our story and should be celebrated."

For this reason, they embrace the scarring and imperfections of the hide. Selecting and purchasing unique hides that often times will not be seen again, making for a truly unique and special finish.

If you see an imperfection, it’s meant to be there!

Freedom Shoe uses genuine leather, which once upon a time lived, breathed, and became scarred. Their scars tell a story just like ours do. 

As a family owned business, Freedom Shoe ensures that all designs are unique collectables handcrafted, and brought to life in house. Much care, attention and love is put into the making of each handbag and shoe. 

The other thing we love about Freedom Shoe is that they give back. Freedom Shoe gives a portion of sales to support Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying charity. 

You can learn more at

or shop their Etsy shop here!

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