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Motivation: Just Pause, Don't Quit

Motivation: Just Pause, Don't Quit

Written by: Latrese Kabuya

There are times you may be tempted to give up and quit. You may be worn out, because you are either mentally or emotionally drained. You are trying to fight to get ahead  but it seems that you are falling further behind in your finances, relationships, and your job. Don't quit just pause.

Quitting can be a hard habit to break. Quitting is a false temporary relief. A permanent action to a temporary situation. You don't have to quit, all you need to do is take a pause. 

Life can be overwhelming because it can go through a series of change. Too many changes or to many demands can leave the mind and body to shut down. Why wait to get to this point? Don't quit take a pause.

I am sure by now you are asking what is a pause? A pause is simply this, a temporary stop in your actions so that you can reevaluate and readjust your life to remove as many stressors out of your life.

Just like when you are watching TV and you need to go to the bathroom or get some more snacks, what do you do with the remote? You pause it, which allows you to regroup and refocus which puts you back in a position to watch the remainder of the program.

You can take this same concept and add it to your life. When things start getting rough and tough and you just seem like you cant take it anymore, you are at your wits ends with bills, career,  and people. Go ahead and take that imaginary remote control for your life and push pause. 

During this time you are reflecting and this is where you identify who or what are dead weight in your life, who or what are causing you anxiety. At your pause stage you will readjust so that you can continue on with your life and your purpose. 

Know that  pause can only work if you are honest with yourself. We all have limits and if we push pass them we can see a decrease in our health, finances, and emotions. Stop trying to be a superhero! A superhero is a make believe character, so why would you try and compete and model yourself after a fictional character? We have to be confident enough and wise enough to admit when you need to step back and take a break. It doesn't make you less of a mom, dad, business person, and all the other hats you wear. The weakness and shame that tries to creep up is because anytime you compare yourself with someone else you will always get a false sense of reality. 

It's okay to get help. It's okay to admit you are overwhelmed. Actually it's wise because you are allowing yourself to get the tools you need to become the best you. Once you have readjusted your life then you can push the imaginary button on the remote and continue your race to finish line. 

So remember, next time you want to quit or you get overwhelmed PAUSE and get control back in your life! You are a survivor, nothing can hold you down. You don't need to quit you are stronger than that. Just PAUSE!

Note from Jenny:

The minute I met Latrese, I can't fully explain it -- but I just KNEW that I wanted to be her friend. She is a ray of sunshine. I am so excited that she'll be a contributor to sheKC. I can't want for you to get to know her! To learn a little more right now... click here!




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