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sheWED: Tips BEFORE Shopping for the Dress

sheWED: Tips BEFORE Shopping for the Dress

Written by: Dede, Owner of Altar Bridal

Hello bride-to-be! We know how important it is to find 'THE dress' -- we've been there, done that and it's a BIG deal! This is the day you've dreamed about forever. Our friend, Dede, knows the wedding biz better than anyone. It's her passion and why she decided to open Altar Bridal in the first place. She wants you to have the best experience when you venture out in search of the perfect dress. Here are five awesome tips she wanted us to share with you! Enjoy... and a sincere congratulations.

Love, Jenny + Brooke

Do Your Research...

This doesn’t just include searching for the perfect gown on Pinterest. Research the stores you may consider shopping at just like you would research your photographer or florist. Every store has a unique style and may or may not have what you are looking for. Every store should have a website that lists the designers they carry and a little bit more about the experience they provide.

Be Thoughtful...

Think carefully about who you decide to bring shopping with you. While a bride-tribe is fun, large numbers of opinions tend to make a shopping excursion less productive and often times more stressful.

DO Pin...

'Pin' a few gowns that appeal to you. You don’t have to LOVE the entire gown but start finding style elements that appeal to you and that match the look and feel for the wedding day you envision.

Be Honest...

Be honest with your consultant when you are at your appointment. A good sales consultant will do their best to bring you gowns that you are describing and what they think you are after, but sometimes 'bridal lingo' gets lost in translation. So, let your consultant know if they are on the right track or missing the mark. This will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable in the long run.

Ask Questions...

A good consultant is there to truly help you find your dream gown. And asking questions about what can or cannot be done with a gown may make the difference between the dress being just a gown and being THE gown.

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