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Inspiration: 5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight NOW

Inspiration: 5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight NOW

Written by: Jessica Kimbrell

Imagine yourself eight weeks from now… more toned, less bloated, with more energy and feeling ready to take on your busy day. If I could show you a way to get to that place in eight short weeks without starving yourself, without counting calories and without sweating to death at the gym -- would you be up for it?

I’ve been there! Wanting so desperately to get my body to my 'happy place' that I’ll do or try just about anything. I’ve tried the calorie-counting diets. I’ve tried exercising five days per week. I’ve done the low-carb, low-fat diets. And, ya know what? They worked! But as soon as I stopped counting the calories, stopped exercising so much, stopped doing everything exactly like I was 'supposed to', and went back to a more normal diet, the weight crept back on.

It was so frustrating! I mean, that is NOT how it’s supposed to work! All of that hard work, just to get back to where I was when I started? No, thanks!

That was my life for about 12 years. Then I FINALLY found what works that allows me to eat foods that I enjoy while still getting the results that I want. I’m going to share five tips with you on how you can start to lose weight, gain energy and FEEL better. 

Get Back to Basics – Basic, whole foods are the most nutrient-rich and are also more easily digested by your body. Processed foods don’t have as many vitamins, minerals, and are often much higher in calories and sugar. They also aren’t easily recognized by the human body, so when they are eaten, they are stored as fat. 

Keep it Real – I say this a LOT to my clients. It’s important to have realistic goals and expectations. You know the saying -- 'Rome wasn't built in a day!' Getting where you want to be with your health and body won’t happen overnight either. But, you CAN get there. Be sure to set goals that get you excited about achieving. When you reach one, set a new one. Just remember to keep them realistic.

Exercise 3-5 Times Per Week Doing Something You Enjoy – Exercise can be a bit intimidating if it isn’t something you don’t already do. So, just start where you are. If you already exercise – great! If not, then start with something that you’ve always wanted to try. Ask friends what they enjoy, or schedule a time with your spouse/significant other, a friend or sibling, neighbor or co-worker, to take a walk. Just move a bit. You’ll feel better!

Eat Like a Baby – When we were born, we ate every three to four hours (maybe more), getting the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates either from breast milk or formula. We ate when we were hungry and stopped when we were satisfied. Why did we stop doing that? Our bodies were meant to be fed at regular intervals to help sustain us. Try eating five small, balanced meals each day for a week and see how you feel. It will help to balance your blood sugar. If you stick with it, I bet you will find yourself having less cravings and more energy throughout the day.

Enjoy the Process – This is key. Enjoying the victories along the way, no matter how small they seem, will help you enjoy the process of getting healthier and losing weight. It truly CAN be an enjoyable experience! 

It’s time to kiss traditional diets goodbye say hello to a simple way of reaching your goals and getting to your happy place. Are you ready to find out how great you can feel? If so, and if you’d like some help, schedule a free 30-minute consultation by clicking here. Or email me at

I’m excited to talk to you! 




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